Terms of Use

This Guest Rental Agreement is made between You (the guest) and Bellaco Estates Ltd (the host).

The acceptance of a booking creates an agreement between the guest and the host of the property subject to these terms and conditions.

Guests must check-in and check-out by the times stated below;

Check-in by: 15:00pm and before 23:30pm on day of arrival

Check-out by: 11:00am on day of departure

Arrival and departure: Guests can enter the property After PM (1500H) on day of arrival and must vacate the property BY 11AM (1100H) on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please note you will be charged £250 for checking out late.

Early Departure: In the event that a guest needs to check out prior to the agreed departure date, Bellaco Estates Ltd will class the departure as the end of stay and arrange for the property to be cleaned. Please note that no refund will be available for the dates left unused from the original booking.

Accommodation: You are only granted a licence to occupy the Accommodation during your allocated stay period. This agreement grants you no other rights either express or implied to the Accommodation.

This is a No smoking property.

Noise: The apartment sits in a residential area and guests are expected to respect its neighbours at all times. There must be no events or parties involving extra guests without prior permission in writing. Reports of excess noise from other tenants to the Agent will mean automatic immediate termination of the stay and the deposit will not be refunded.

Security (Damage) Deposit: You will be required to pay a security deposit of £200 upon booking. The security deposit is NOT applied toward rent and is refunded after departure, provided the following provisions are met:

- No damage is done to property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.

- No charges are incurred due to pets, illegal activity or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay.

- All rubbish is placed in the appropriate bins or boxes and soiled dishes are cleaned.

- All keys are left in the lockboxes and the house is left locked and secure.

- All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure. No linens are lost or damaged.

- There is no early arrival or late departure, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing.

- The renter is not evicted by the owner or a representative of the owner or the law.

The quiet times for the property is between 11PM - 6AM please respect the neighbours.

Refundable Damage deposit £200. Refunded 7-10 days after check out date.

Penalties And Charges Include But not limited To:

- Damage to cooker £525

- Missing keys: £150

- Smoking/Parties/ Use of any illegal substance £2000

- Bed replacement £895 each

- Damaged or lost linen £255

- Damage to TV £550

- Damage to toilets/bathrooms done on purpose, including clogging: £1000+

- Deliberate damage, breakage to boiler cupboard affecting the hot water or central heating: from £1000+

- EMERGENCIES: Any call outs resulting in a non-emergency or through no fault of ourselves will be charged at £90 and for each hour thereafter.

- Unauthorised Pets £250 (plus any damage caused)

- ANY other damage or lost items will be charged accordingly


Please note; emergencies would be considered as leaks, electrical faults, plumbing issues, heating faults, non-access to your apartment etc.

Any call outs resulting in a non-emergency or through no fault of ourselves will be charged at £90 and for each hour thereafter.

Please note Any item removed from the property or damaged will be charged accordingly.

Maximum Occupancy: The number of guests is limited to 6 persons, including children, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing. If the number of people permitted to occupy the property is exceeded, Bellaco Estates Ltd reserves the right to charge for additional guests at the rate of £175 per night or additional guests will have to vacate the property. The apartment is a serviced accommodation property for the enjoyment of those staying and is not to be used as a venue for entertaining extra guests who are not resident.

Falsified bookings: Any booking obtained under false pretence will be subject to forfeiture of booking deposit and/or rental fee, and the party will not be permitted to enter the property.

Linen: Rates include a single supply of linen and towels, unless otherwise previously agreed in writing. The owners do not permit bath towels or linens to be taken from the property.

Housekeeping: There is no housekeeping service for guests staying for a period less than 21 days. If your stay is more than 21 days, the property will be cleaned fortnightly. You will be given 48 hours notice before a clean takes place. Guests should leave the house as they found it.

Faults, damage & breakages: Please report all faults, damage and breakages to the owners in good time so that arrangements for repairs/replacements can be made. Please do not buy replacements. Text, email or call when it happens or is discovered, rather than leave a note.

In respect of any items damaged, broken or removed from the property, the cost of replacement will be deducted from the security deposit. If the total cost of replacement is larger than the security deposit, then an invoice will be sent to the guest to be paid within 7 days of reception. Failure to pay within 7 days will result in a small claims court claim being filed on the next working day after the deadline. All interest, legal fees and any other charges related to recouping the outstanding debt will be paid for by the guest.

Toilets: Guests must not flush anything other than toilet paper – no feminine products, nappies or wipes of any kind. Bins are provided next to every toilet; please place the bags in the small landfill wheelie bin at the end of the stay. If products have been flushed and clog the system, the cost of a plumber will be deducted from the guest’s security deposit including any guest will be charged if the amount goes over the deposit.

Keys/access: Details of access arrangements will be forwarded to the guest once the full rental fee has been received. If a key is missing at changeover we will change the lock and replace all keys at a charge of £150.

Personal property and personal injury: No responsibility will be accepted for the loss of or damage to any guest’s vehicle or its contents, whilst parked or manoeuvring outside the host’s property. No responsibility can be accepted for the loss or damage to any guest’s baggage and/or personal belongings whilst using the host’s property. In addition, the host will not accept any responsibility for injury to tenants, their guests or third parties.

Written exceptions: Any exceptions to the above must be approved in writing in advance.

Entire agreement: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.